We are a technology transfer agency providing an efficient pathway to commercialization for remarkable medical innovation

SoundHealth is a medical innovation agency. We validate the innovation, prove the market desire and auction the innovation to the worlds largest companies for their acquisition.

SoundHealth is a unique platform that enables medical innovators the ability to attain unbiased scientific validation for their products.

This process “de-risks” the opportunity for the marketplace, therefore exponentially increasing the value and attraction.  Everyone wins in the process, as the innovations we get to work with all hold the promise of improving the human condition globally.

We’ve created a distinct approach to medical innovation commercialization. Our “no drama” platform provides a hyper-efficient pathway to commercialization, for extraordinary innovations destined to better and improve the health and well-being of people, around the world.

Our culture is to bring win-win-win-win endpoints to disruptive solutions.  Our commitment is to improve the human condition, not make the current status wrong.

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