We are a technology transfer agency providing an efficient pathway to commercialization for remarkable medical innovation.

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Our culture is to bring win-win-win-win endpoints to disruptive solutions.  Our commitment is to improve the human condition, not make the current status wrong.

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We’ve created a distinct approach to medical innovation commercialization. Our “no drama” platform provides a hyper-efficient pathway to commercialization, for extraordinary innovations destined to better and improve the health and well-being of people, around the world.

We produce: best in class, no-compromise, market-ready solutions.


For Innovators

Your pathway to commercialization

For Innovators, by innovators.

If accepted into our program, SoundHealth will work with you to commercialize your medical technology focusing on maximizing its value in the shortest amount of time.

Leveraging our expansive global network of participating funding sources, prominent research institutions, intellectual property experts and industry partners, SoundHealth has the resources necessary to achieve success.

If you are an innovator, contact us below.

Industry opportunities

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Industry opportunities

SoundHealth’s exclusive technology transfer platform is designed to expedite the delivery of medical and scientific innovations to the market.

As a global leader in tech transfer, our inventory of opportunity is quite dynamic.

If you are interested in learning how to access our innovation opportunity portal, contact us below.

Non Profit Organizations

Renewable grant opportunities

Non Profit Organizations

SoundHealth is a medical innovation agency at the forefront of solving significant health issues.

Your nonprofit may be interested in learning how you may be able to participate in these tangible opportunities.

Partnering with SoundHealth puts your organization in a position to make a difference and help bring awareness to your mission.

If you want additional information on ways to participate, contact us below.

Research Partners

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Research Partners

SoundHealth has an exclusive platform designed to expedite the delivery of scientific and medical innovations to the commercial market through our extensive network of participating research partners around the world.

As a participating research partner, you may fit into our commercialization process.

If you would like to learn about this program, contact us below.

For Universities

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For Universities

SoundHealth’s structure is designed to expedite the delivery of innovations to the marketplace through our network of research institutions around the world.

Universities accepted into our program enjoy being a part of our commercialization process, which includes access to groundbreaking technologies, financial participation and all the academic accolades that accompany such opportunities.

If your university is interested in participating, contact us below.

Global Presence

We have a presence in 93 countries

spreading miracles across the globe

SoundHealth has a presence in 93 countries around the world that affords us a platform for international collaborations and commercialization opportunities.

We believe innovation is a global opportunity. If you have a solution to a medical issue, we would be interested in learning more. Please contact us below.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to improve the human condition... globally.​

Our pursuit is not embedded in drama or opinions. It is a roadmap focused on getting it done - and doing so where everyone wins.

Our Platform


Attaining scientific validation is the key to exploiting value.


Demonstrate the demand for the product in the marketplace.


Sell (license) the opportunity for global distribution.

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