We are a technology transfer agency providing an efficient pathway to commercialization for remarkable medical innovation.

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Our culture is to bring win-win-win-win endpoints to disruptive solutions.  Our commitment is to improve the human condition, not make the current status wrong.

Our Program

We've created a distinct approach to medical innovation commercialization. Our "no drama" platform provides a hyper-efficient pathway to commercialization, for extraordinary innovations destined to better and improve the health and well-being of people, around the world.

We produce: best in class, no-compromise, market-ready solutions.



When you are accepted into our program, SoundHealth works collaboratively with you to expedite the commercialization of your medical technology focusing on maximizing its value in the shortest amount of time.

Leveraging our expansive global network of participating funding sources, prominent research institutions, intellectual property experts and industry partners, SoundHealth has the resources necessary to achieve success.


SoundHealth’s unique structure is designed to expedite the delivery of scientific innovations to the marketplace through our expansive network of participating research institutions around the world.

Universities can participate in two ways:  Partnering with SoundHealth to maximize your inventory of intellectual property opportunities & participate in the commercialization process of our opportunities.


SoundHealth’s exclusive technology transfer platform is designed to expedite the delivery of medical and scientific innovations to the market.

As a global leader in tech transfer, our inventory of opportunity is quite dynamic.

If you are interested in learning how to access our innovation opportunity portal, contact us below.

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