Renowned Neurologist, Dr. Mark Brody joins SoundHealth’s Leadership Team | MED•TECH•NEWS

Dr. Brody is the founder of Brain Matters Research, one of our nation’s largest and most respected, private clinical research facilities for Alzheimer’s diagnosis, treatment and prevention, located in Delray Beach, Fl. “In joining the SoundHealth leadership team, Mark brings with him a portfolio of medical and scientific innovation, developed over more than a decade, and focused on neurological issues. SoundHealth’s ‘hyper-efficient’ process for accelerating the development & deployment of medical innovations – without the Drama – will benefit tremendously with his participation and experience” said Michael Miller, founder of SoundHealth.

“At SoundHealth, along with providing access to resources to efficiently develop innovations, which I’ve been nurturing during my career, we will be working on creating an educational platform that will blend education with entertainment – Edu-tainment. I see this as an important opportunity to help people understand how to recognize, treat and deal with the many health challenges we face today. I believe a platform like this is long overdue and much needed and, something I have had on my ‘bucket list’ for a while” admitted Dr. Brody.

“Mark, brings enormous resources to our team.  In addition to his incredible portfolio of promising treatments & devices for Alzheimer’s, many of which may well translate into commercially viable opportunities, he was also the founding director of the Acute Interventional Stroke Program at Bethesda Memorial Hospital, where his team conducted acute stroke clinical trials seeking to optimize the “time-to-treatment” and outcomes for stroke victims.  Dr. Brody was recently invited to join the GAP (Global Alzheimer’s Platform) Committee, along with other global thought leaders in Alzheimer’s Disease, to spearhead the world-wide mandate to enroll in clinical trials for Alzheimer’s Disease. Within the healthcare industry, he is considered both a memory expert and an elite neurologist.  As a humorist, lecturer and healthcare entrepreneur, he is a natural addition to our team”, offered Miller.

“The ideal would be to find a cure for Alzheimer’s and arrest the disease.  But, being able to extend a person’s ability to function, for a few more years, would be a major success” said Brody. “And, by teaming-up with SoundHealth, I see no reason why, with the facilities and the resources available, right here in Boca Raton and Palm Beach County, we can’t make this the world’s center and focal point for Alzheimer’s research and discovery. I am truly excited to be a part of something this awesome.”

Source: Renowned Neurologist, Dr. Mark Brody joins SoundHealth’s Leadership Team | MED•TECH•NEWS