SoundHealth is the Doctors “Innovation Highway”

After speaking to the people at SoundHealth several times, I recognized they truly get excited about Doctors. They get excited because they believe that the most bountiful source for innovation is alive & well and thriving inside the medical profession – with people who are doing their daily jobs, going through their daily routines, where (by being so close) can identify problems that need solutions – that are not obvious to those who aren’t “in it”.

“It’s the highly trained medical professionals, who use healthcare products every day, that are ideally suited to conceive medical breakthroughs, yet they face a complex maze of challenges and staggering risks as independent inventors.  In addition most medical professionals are so busy performing their life enhancing and lifesaving services, that devoting time and energy to developing and commercializing a new product is out of the question. Our appreciation and respect to these people is what makes our platform so inviting to them.  We take the drama out of the process and only focus on achieving a mutual success.  From the day they meet us they can transparently see we are all on the same team.” Suggests Michael Miller CEO and Co-founder of SoundHealth.

And, according to Dr. Bob Sewak, Chief Science Officer & Co-founder of SoundHealth, LLC: “our process is 100% refreshing to our partners.  They appreciate the world-class science we bring to the table through our University Research Partners.  And our University Research Partners appreciate the relevant, tangible and funded research we are bringing to them.  Everyone benefits in our process.”

Back to the Doctors…

“Studies indicate that physicians contribute directly to medical device innovation because of their first-hand knowledge about unmet clinical needs…” chimed in: Mike Miller “our process manages each project a little bit backwards.  We start at the exit, and work back to where we are now.  It’s the exit that we identify as the prize.  And the exit is where the innovation makes it into the lives, of the people its designed to help.With more than 6,500 medical device companies in the global medical marketplace, there is no shortage of exit opportunities for the right solutions.”

“As a trustworthy go-between…” according to Sewak, “… SoundHealth is positioned to bridge the gap – with proactive discovery techniques, expert evaluation methods, guided by world leaders on innovation in healthcare.  SoundHealth is in a unique position to bridge the gap between medical device companies… seeking to expand their innovation portfolio… and, the most powerful source of new medical breakthroughs… the independent medical professionals.” Their interests are uniquely aligned with the inventors they work with, and their corporate objective of creating a win/win/win approach of doing business – where the interests of all of the stakeholders, are being looked after.

One of the phrases that SoundHealth uses which caught my attention was,  “… we move your medical innovation from Bench to Bedside – WITHOUT THE DRAMA!” and I am finding this to be true.