SoundHealth answers the call for the male pill.

August 16th, 2015

By Phil Jones

The contraceptive market seems to be focused on females as their audience. This is evident in the fact that in the past year, only 37 of the 13,500 studies on contraception focused on males. And until Big Pharma and scientists alike can shift their thinking that contraception isn’t just for women, that market will remain untapped… except that: they hadn’t heard about SoundHealth!

Currently there are only two readily available and recognized options for male contraception: condoms or a vasectomy. Such a limited choice makes it virtually impossible to satisfy all the needs of a modern man, one who is interested and involved in the birth control process and family planning issues. And so began the quest, for an alternative method men would find confident and comfortable using.

Enter SoundContraception™, an approach to provide a low cost, effective, natural, non-chemical, non-invasive, temporary, naturally reversible Male Fertilization Control solution. By using a combination of select sound frequencies/energy, along with vibro-tactile stimulation, to immobilize the current inventory of sperm in the male reproductive system SoundContraception™, produces a state of temporary infertility.

Recently SoundHealth completed a successful study to demonstrate: The effect of limited exposure to acoustic energy on the motility and/or viability of human sperm, in a randomized in vitro preclinical /pilot study. The Study was carried out over a period of 7+ months following clinical protocols comported to World Health Organization and IVF Laboratory CAP standards. The results were exceptional: of total samples successfully treated: Group A = 82% achieved the primary outcome of 100% immotility; Group B = 9% achieved an outcome of 90% immotility; and Group C = 9% achieved an outcome of 80% immotility.

Based on extensive initial testing and on through this Pre-Clinical/Proof-of-Principle-Concept study, it has been shown that: use of the system can render sperm immotile and non-viable; it is further believed that the system does not present obvious potential for harm; in addition the system does not require a high degree of technical expertise nor does it require medical management or administration. With their eye on the prize, SoundHealth has set out to deliver men, a safe and convenient, non-surgical, non-chemical, non-hormonal alternative temporary birth control solution.

You can bet, this is one story I will be certain to follow.

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