Boca Raton, Florida
 – SoundHealth, the medical innovation agency, has been credited for building a better technology transfer experience. Their drama-free approach of working with innovators can now be experienced from the acquisition side through their development of a unique innovation portal. This portal simplifies the tech transfer process.

“A lot of innovation never moves beyond the proof of concept simply because the inventors lack the skill of demonstrating how their innovation can be used to increase the value of another company’s products,” states Michael Miller, CEO and founder of SoundHealth. Michael explains, “People have asked me, ‘how do you showcase a patent?’ My answer is always: ‘not in the traditional way’.”


SoundHealth first looks at the innovator’s intellectual property (IP) and questions: How does this give a current innovation more value? How does this intellectual property give an existing company an unfair competitive advantage in a world of shrinking margins? The innovator gains that advantage legally from the IP of their innovation, and SoundHealth is integral in determining how to leverage the IP to get the most value at the point of acquisition.

SoundHealth’s current portal allows them to showcase the enhanced uses of the technology in their product pipeline in a more captivating way. Michael states, “QVC and HSN are popular for a reason; they make it easy to buy products… Let’s just say that they are an inspiration for us.” While SoundHealth does not sell retails products, they streamline the IP as if it was a piece of merchandise to consolidate the value proposition. This allows SoundHealth to identify and define the competitive advantage of the IP.

About SoundHealth 

SoundHealth, ( founded in 2010, based in Boca Raton, FL, is the medical innovation agency whose unique structure and system are designed to expedite the delivery of medical innovation to the marketplace.  By combining the business savvy of its executive team with the expertise of inventors, funding organizations and research institutions, SoundHealth is able to provide commerce-ready products to the medical industry’s manufacturing and distribution companies.

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